Meetings are held on a Wednesday at 7pm in The District Club, St. John’s Street,Whitchurch.

The AGM is held in early February, other meetings at different times in the year depending on the events that are being arranged.

At present there are 16 members on the committee, many of whom have had treatment at the Orthopaedic Hospital.

We have a Street Collection every year, usually in May, & also apply for collections at Tesco and Sainsburys.

For the last few years we have been lucky enough to hold a Coffee Morning at Dearnford Lake and this has been our most successful fund raising event.

We have also held an Exit Collection at Bangor Races in early December and collected at Whitchurch Cricket Club.

Whitchurch branch
Collecting and selling cakes at Whitchurch County Cricket Club in June 2016


For more information or to join please contact the office on 01691 404401.

Our officers

Sheila Maddocks

Vice Chairman
Deirdre Parker

Jenny Middleton

Thelma Windsor

Vice Treasurer
Sarah Watson-Jones