We Are The League of Friends to RJAH

The Robert Jones and Agnes Hunt Orthopaedic Hospital NHS Foundation Trust (RJAH) is a world class orthopaedic centre of excellence.

It enjoys the highest reputation for top quality, sustainable orthopaedic and related care, and for achieving excellence in both experience and outcomes for its patients. Its overriding objective is to deliver outstanding patient care and as a League of Friends our aim is to support this work wherever possible.

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Half a Century of Care and Support

The League of Friends to RJAH was set up in 1961.

Since then the group has raised in excess of £13 million to improve and maintain an exemplary quality of patient care. Our support is central to providing the best available and most up to date medical equipment thus helping to ensure that the best medical, clinical and nursing staff are attracted to work at the RJAH.

There has been an ever-increasing financial gap between what the NHS is able to give to its Hospital Trusts and the actual cost of delivering a first class service. The League of Friends helps to bridge this imbalance.

We Are a Local Family Network

The League’s few paid staff, administrative volunteers and those providing direct support for patients and their families are based at the hospital’s single site in Oswestry.

The main fundraising effort is a network of 12 fundraising branches, based in the towns and villages of Shropshire, Mid and North Wales.


Keen always to raise awareness, particularly amongst the younger generation, the League welcomes new volunteers and has students and youth groups within the community who are admirably committed.

Through good times and bad this League of Friends has provided stability and assurance for the Clinical Directors and has maintained an exemplary and caring service for patients and visitors alike and this is endorsed by the hospital’s exceptional patient satisfaction ratings.



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